Nailing It! Our Salon Guide to Fashion Forward Nail Treatments

Women throughout history have been quoted on their love of a great manicure—including Eleanor Roosevelt. Did you know Cleopatra loved to have her nails done, too? Worry not, if you have fragile or ragged nails, have a hard time growing out your nails, or you bite them – there is most definitely a nail salon treatment that we can administer to make your fingernails gain a beautiful and healthy appearance.
There’s more fun to be had at a salon, rather than doing your own nails. Salons just give you that all-star treatment, which is what we aim for at every visit at Gem Nail Spa, and you leave feeling like a VIP.


Manicures are among the most sought-after nail salon treatments, which involves buffing your nails smooth and shaping them, then applying a coat of luxuriant polish. There are all sorts of manicure, but among the most popular is the French manicure.

Nail Overlays

Nail overlays are an especially handy little treatment option for people who struggle to grow out their nails because they are brittle and likely to break. When you get overlays, what you get is a fortifying mixture placed over top of natural nail, which makes them more durable and less likely to break or split, but will not give length.

Nail Extensions

If you want longer nails in a jiffy, nail extensions are the way to go. We use a plastic plate that is very light in weight and follows the shape of your nail and glue this to each nail tip. and then a strengthening mixture is applied over the entire surface, to keep the tip in place. This nail tip can be shaped any way you please. You can choose from acrylic, gel, and fiberglass to strengthen your nails.


We also call this one Ol’ Faithful, because it is one of the oldest and most popular (not to mention budget friendly) nail treatments that you can get. Our expertly trained technicians use a mixture of a powdered acrylic with a liquid acrylic to begin this treatment. After, they apply this to your natural nail with a soft brush and to the tip too. Once this mixture is exposed to air, it takes no time at all in order to harden and form a longer nail that is aesthetically perfect. We then file the results to both the length and shape you desire, and then it’s time for a buff to make it all shine. One thing you need to keep in mind is that this requires some amount of upkeep and maintenance. Acrylics do not hinder your natural nail growth, meaning they “grow out” with your nails, so in about two weeks there will be a gap which shows between your cuticle and your artificial acrylic nail. The good news is that rather than having a completely new set done, you can choose to have them filled instead. Your trusted Gem Nail Spa nail technician will fill in the gap with the same color and everything will look normal again very quickly. Fill-ins typically cost less than a new set of acrylics, so this is also a more cost effective measure.

Different types of acrylics

We typically deal in two types of acrylic manicures: “normal” and “pink and white”. Which type you get is certainly up to your own preference, and we aim to please! When you choose normal acrylics, you have the choice of using whatever color nail polish that you want over the nail that is crafted. You can even remove this nail polish at will when you are at home, if you get bored with the color and would like something fresh and new. When you choose pink and white, you get acrylics with a semitransparent base and a white tip, which replicate normal nails and look almost like a French manicure.